My CookieMitzi

Mitzi, Studio Owner and Cookie Technique Curator, has been developing her Cookie Technique in her pole career since 2012. Through her journey she has happily lost over 100 pounds and developed an unique one of a kind program which empowers women and includes modifications for every body type on the pole. It is out of love for her clientele that Cookie Technique was born.

This fun, sexy, and full of heart program is the foundation method Mitzi uses to teach her program. It is with this in mind that she is thrilled to show you not only some of her signature moves, such as Drenching Madonna and Dixie Thrust, and is also ready to share her heart and soul with you as well, guiding you to your own successful goals.

She has been certified with Fawnia; has successfully completed in-home training with Zoraya Judd; and has had the privilege to train with various well-known professionals in the pole industry.

Providencia Pond Retreat

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