I took my first pole class in February of 2014, since then I’ve lost 80 pounds and decided to take the leap into instructing in July of 2015.

The greatest aspect of teaching to me is being able to help others achieve their goals and inspire them to try new things they may have only dreamt of before. What I bring to the Cookie Technique is that age old saying- If I can do it, anyone can do it. The Cookie Technique helped me lose 80 lbs. and has taught me what it means to be a strong and beautiful woman. The Cookie has taught me that I am worth it and I deserve to be happy in life.

While I am just beginning my career as an instructor, I want students in my classes to know that they are in a safe place. There is no judgement, only confidence boosting, self esteem raising, lots of laughter, and tons of encouragement. This is a time for each student to embrace their fierce, sexy self and have fun doing it.

Providencia Pond Retreat

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