One grey stormy night, Cayenne walked into a darkly lit studio. As the rain pitter pattered outside she started to walk, slide, sashay, twist, and twirl. She discussed moves with her pole neighbor and giggled and smiled as she accumulated some pretty purple bruises along with some sweet moves. It was the beginning.

Watching her fellow dancers (now friends) find their movement, overcome obstacles, and express their unique style has been an honor.

Cayenne enjoys most the artistry of pole and is attracted to storytelling through movement. She especially enjoys developing a character and slipping into the fantasy of another time or space.

She enjoys teaching; in a past life she coached swimmers. She looks forward to helping her students find their dance and celebrate their body through movement.

In her spare time she loves spending time with friends and family, watching fictional crime dramas, dreaming of being a spy, cuddling her cat, swimming, looking at art, and pinning projects she will never complete. By day she studies the human body at the molecular level as well as works with families to understand those molecular changes and the effect of those changes.


Providencia Pond Retreat

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