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Questions about class/event registration & secure online payment.


General Questions

  1. Visit the CLASSES & EVENTS page to browse for a class/event/workshop.
  2. Click “add to cart” – From CART PREVIEW page, click “Proceed to Payment”.
  3. Provide BILLING DETAILS on the CHECKOUT page.
  4. Check “agree to terms” box – Click”continue to payment”.
  5. Provide card # details on popup – Click PAY.
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Please Note: To avoid any confusion, our online ticketing system allows 1 ticket/person per event. C3 Studios event tickets are sent to the ORIGINAL PURCHASOR's email shortly after online checkout.
  1. Place your first ticket order using YOUR email address. Wait for the first "Your C3 Studios Event Ticket" message to arrive by email (usually within 30 minutes after we receive your payment confirmation).
  2. Return to our site and order a second ticket for the other person.
  3. Forward the second ticket to your friend's email as proof of purchase when attending the event.
More about Cookie and her Cookie Technique instructors.



Head Instructor

Your stretch marks, are a road from where you’ve been to where you’re going…What an incredible road trip your sexy body is.



There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good. ~ Edwin Denby



Life isn't lived while waiting for the storm to pass; this is Washington you need to learn to dance in the rain.



I am the calm before the storm.



Hi. My name is Linda Foster and I’m an eclectic woman of 56 that due to my very active lifestyle and hobbies, I tend to get injured fairly often, mostly when I’m doing it without purpose as an automaton. Recently I was rear-ended while riding my motorcycle and needed a restart for my life, fitness, and attitude. Accidents play havoc with how strong we think we are mentally as well as physically. I signed up with Cookie to take her most awesome Cookie Technique class to jump start myself back into living the life I imagined for myself.

LInda Foster

I signed up for pole classes at C3 studios because I wanted a work-out that would make me stronger and that I would enjoy. Both of those things have happened over the year I’ve taken classes with Mitzi Cole, but there is so much more. Mitzi’s Cookie Technique addresses the whole person; body, mind, & spirit. Something I appreciate not only as a woman on her own journey towards health & healing, but also as a women’s health care provider. So many of us struggle in our bodies, want them to look/feel/be different. The Cookie Technique helps us to recognize ourselves as “sexy”, “beautiful”, and “strong” in the bodies we have now and it helps us to grow and strengthen ourselves into the women we are meant to be. I am so grateful for the time, attention, and passion Mitzi puts into her work. She is truly changing the world one woman at a time!

Dr. Alisha H Wilkes-DNP, CNM, ARNP

The “Cookie Technique” has given me the power to enjoy myself. Feel good and sexy about my body no matter my size. Let’s face it we were born with this body and we need to learn to take care of our body and be happy with our body. Got to get real and get our “Cookie” in life! ~ Jen W.

Jen W.

I was nervous walking into her studio for the first time as a student. The warmth and security, put me at ease as soon as we started class. Thank you again Mitzi for the life changing experience and new outlook I have on self-expression. Hugs xoxo — Dawn F.

Dawn F.

Get your cookie. If you would have asked me a year ago, heck, even six months ago, “what’s your cookie?” I probably would have looked at them with a slight raise of the eyebrow and not give a second thought about the crazy question about cookies. Nicole H.

Nicole H.


Come...get your Cookie!

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